Do Embedded Payments Your Way Without Doing It All Yourself

Get all the advantages of embedded payments without the usual disadvantages.

You maintain full control while our tools and services simplify everything from onboarding and underwriting to administration and service.

More Foresight
From seasoned payments specialists who know what to watch for and how to get you up and running faster.
More Freedom
To choose your own processor and gateway, to customize the software, and to keep your own data and tokens.
More Follow-Through
With dedicated support and faster answers at every stage, from onboarding to admin to future changes.

What Is A Payment Facilitator?

The best way to fully own your customers' payments experience is by becoming a payment facilitator. Learn about how they operate and what you need to do to become a PF. 

Why Become A Payment Facilitator?

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Generate Payments Revenue

customer payments experience

Improve Customer Experience

board merchants quickly

Board Merchants Quickly

improve product

Deliver an improved product

increase valuation

Increase Valuation

The Platform That Gets Payments Going Your Way.

From underwriting to customer support to funding - Infinicept's platform operates as your payments infrastructure, allowing you to get payments going your way, without having to do it all yourself.


Get the flexibility to tailor the merchant application to your customers' unique needs

Get the freedom to take on more merchants without taking on more work with an automated underwriting process


Provide the best payments experience for your customers with our easy-to-use merchant management dashboard.

Helping Companies Everywhere Get Payments Going Their Way