The platform that gets payments going your way.

Infinicept meets you wherever you are in your payments journey to provide industry-leading solutions and expertise so you can get payments going your way.

Why let another provider take more of your payments revenue and control your customer experience?

Many companies promise quick and simple payments acceptance. But off-the-shelf payments solutions come with trade-offs. You may be giving up payments revenue, ownership of your data, and control over your payments product and your customer experience.

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Our industry leading platform enables your business to get all the benefits that come with owning your own payments product.


Stop losing business when you turn a merchant over to a third party that takes ages to onboard them. Jumpstart your payments program in a matter of weeks, not months.


It’s hard to control payments when your payments provider is controlling you. Our solution gives you the freedom to take ownership of your payments strategy and merchant experience.


No one should have to navigate payments on their own. We have dedicated experts to guide you based on your business needs. Whether easy, complex or somewhere in between, we’ve got you.

Meet your forever payments partner.

Whether you’re ready to be a payment facilitator or want to start small and grow with confidence, Infinicept offers the tools and expertise needed ensure your success.


Infinicept Launchpay

  • Payment processing up and running in weeks
  • Full visibility into your merchants' payments experience
  • Freedom to grow on your own terms

Infinicept PayOps

  • Seamless graduation to a full payment facilitator
  • Complete ownership and control of your payments program
  • Earn more payments revenue

Helping companies everywhere get payments

going their way.


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Financial Institutions

"The thing I’ve been happiest about is, [Infinicept PayOps] delivered on the product goals we had. It has absolutely decreased our checkout times, increased ease of use for consumers and merchants in store, and ultimately helped us grow our merchants’ CRMs and foster more connections."

Matt Doka, COO of FiveStars

"Infinicept’s platform gives us the flexibility we need to create a solution tailored to meet our customers’ needs. For instance, we are able to offer flexible fee billing options allowing each customer to pick what was best for their business, or to quickly add in additional transaction types, technology or information. Suddenly we had these options because of Infinicept and the new ecosystem their platform enabled.”

Neil Axe, Director of Payments, Workwave