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Get managing your merchants going your way.

Easy access to real-time merchant data and reporting, giving you more time to get back to what makes you successful.

Manage Your Merchants From Start To Finish

All of your merchant information in one easy to use dashboard
Customizable options to fit your business
Detailed reporting for you and your merchants

Funding Center

Fund merchants automatically or manually from the Infinicept UI. Allow your merchants access to faster funding options giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Fee Center

Manage pricing for every transaction your merchants process giving you new revenue streams. Simplify the rates and fees associated with payment processing.


Know your business better and leverage real-time data in easy to access reports for both you and your merchants.

Created with Lunacy

Chargeback Management

Quickly and painlessly manage and track chargebacks online through the platform. Give merchants an easy online portal to provide appropriate documentation.

Customer Service

Get the information you need to provide the appropriate service to your customers, while allowing your brand to shine through.

Risk & Oversight

Our platform helps you manage risk on an ongoing basis leveraging real time transaction data and triggers alerting you when a transaction requires further review.