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Celebrating the Women Leaders of Infinicept

In honor of Women’s History Month, Infinicept is celebrating the women who are leading our company forward.

Deana Rich is co-founder and co-CEO of Infinicept. For most of the past two decades, Deana has owned her own consulting practice implementing risk and underwriting procedures for acquirers, ISOs and payment facilitators. She is a well-known and highly respected expert in the acquiring industry, with unmatched experience in risk, operations and compliance.

Deana was inspired to go into business by her grandmother, who had her own tax preparing business and provided her granddaughter with a credit card. Deana was able to use that card to help when her family’s water heater broke, a turning point that clarified her vision for who she wanted to be.

“Right then I knew I would always work hard, start my own business, and be proud and able to support myself on my own,” she said.

Gina Casagrande joined Infinicept in 2019 as VP of Product. She is bringing a wealth of experience in product management for payments and software companies to building out Infinicept’s own product organization and then empowering that team to delight our customers. Gina loves to see Infinicept formalize processes, build roadmaps, and deliver on commitments. Her favorite quote is from Tim Cook, “A great product isn’t a collection of features. It’s how it all works together”.

Creative and customer-focused, Tracie Poland has led global marketing efforts within a variety of tech companies, including IBM and Microsoft, throughout her career. Tracie joined Infinicept last fall as the VP of Marketing. Now she’s driving the efforts to spread Infinicept’s message about the advantages of embedded payments across the software industry.

As unlikely as it seems, Tracie wanted to work in International Business when she was in school, thinking it would be cool to carry a briefcase, wear a suit with shoulder pads and see the world. Thankfully, she gave up the shoulder pads, but her career has taken her to International destinations where she learned from different cultures and worked with people from all backgrounds.

The whole team at Infinicept is proud to have these dedicated and hard-working women paving the way for our success.

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