Custom build a scalable payments business with ecosystem design.

Your payments operations need to fit your objectives. Our team will ensure your processes and your organization are designed just for you.

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Ecosystem Design

  • Scaling a payments business requires an effective and efficient design of the underlying architecture. Process flow and function design of your payments business operations are critical components of launching a scalable embedded payments solution


  • Leverage Infinicept’s best-in-class payments experts to identify operational best practices, select staffing models, and determine ROI of your payments business


  • Infinicept provides expert guidance, partner selection framework, and proprietary business case modeling to design a payments ecosystem that fits your business objectives

Ecosystem Design Methodology

Use proprietary assessment tools to design the appropriate payments ecosystem and identify partner capability requirements of your payments business including:

  • Operational best practices and staffing models
  • Accepted payment, transaction types and processing capabilities
  • PCI needs, risk management, fraud prevention, and data security
  • Funding, deposit, settlement, and authorization functionality
  • Analytics, reporting, and internal process support
  • International support

Use client responses to develop a schematic design of the ideal payments ecosystem

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Deliver targeted recommendations tailored to your objectives based on ecosystem analysis, your strategic objectives, and Infinicept’s payments experience

Support and assist partner selections and negotiations

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Ecosystem Design Value Proposition

  • Ensure operational needs, process, and staffing model of your payments business fits your strategic objectives
  • Align your partner capabilities, features, and functionality to your unique business needs:
    • Authorization platform capabilities
    • Payment gateway & processing capabilities
    • Settlement & funding functionality
    • Risk management, PCI compliance, or data security standards
    • Reporting, accounting and analytics support
  • Scale your payments business with an ecosystem custom built for your intended growth trajectory and solution offering
  • Achieve better vendor fit and smoother payments operations