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What are embedded payments?

What are embedded payments?

Embedded payments are the seamless integration of a payments function and process into a software application.

Increasingly, businesses are accepting payments through the software platforms they use to manage their day-to-day business functions. With embedded payments, software companies build payment capabilities into those platforms rather than simply bolting them on with third-party integrations and referral agreements.

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Why vertical software companies are the payments companies of the future

Why are embedded payments so important right now?

Across every vertical – from salons that manage inventory and book clients to plumbing companies that juggle schedules for technicians in the field – businesses are increasingly managing their operations using purpose-built software platforms.

Even payments are no longer operating under a one-size-fits-all model. Who better to provide a tailored payment solution than the software provider already engrained in their customers’ business?

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The new reality of payments is a “quest for simplification.” Are you ready?

What do embedded payments look like?

Software companies often work with entrepreneurs and small business owners. These customers may have limited resources for dealing with multiple vendors and business processes.

Rather than making them jump through hoops to take payments through third parties, software providers are bringing payments to their customers directly. Their status as trusted business partners – and the simplicity of a payment offering embedded within a business’s software – makes them attractive payments partners.

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How does this affect me?

If you’re a software provider, clarify the role of payments in your business strategy and outlook, then find the best fit for your business model among the embedded payments options available.

If you’re a bank or a processor, know that long-term opportunity for those who support this wave is enormous. Consider how you can build go-to-market programs around embedded payments and update your tech stack to support the needs of new channel partners.

Breaking down embedded payments: the $75 billion market opportunity

In this new era of software-led payments, where do banks and processors fit in?

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