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Eula Adams

Eula Adams

Eula Adams was named a strategic adviser for Infinicept in April 2021.

A self-described “technology and payments guy,” Adams said he sees enormous opportunity for embedded payments, with a company like Infinicept fulfilling an important role. Drawing from his experience as a CPA as well as decades in payments and technology, Adams said he hopes to serve as a sounding board for the company’s leadership.

“Sometimes when you are the senior executive, it’s good to have an outsider to talk to – not another executive or even a Board member, but someone they can say anything to without any risk of consequences,” he said.

Adams most recently served as CEO of Neuromonics, a medical device company, and president of Xcore Corporation. He was previously senior vice president of storage sales and services for Sun Microsystems.

Before that, he spent 12 years at First Data Corporation, having served as president of Merchant Services, president of Card Issuer Services, president of Teleservices, and chief operating officer of Western Union (acquired by First Data in 1995). Adams was a partner at Touche Ross before it merged with Deloitte, where he oversaw the audit group as a partner.

Adams said that his experience across industries and sizes of companies has given him insight into a variety of business situations, from acquisitions to divestitures to people, that will be particularly useful to Infinicept’s leadership.

Reflecting on lessons he has learned in business that he would tell his own younger self, Adams said, “Be patient; you always have more time and alternatives to respond to something or some situation than you think you have. So don’t rush to act or respond.”

Adams is ingrained in his community and has served as an adviser to U.S. congressmen and Colorado officials, and has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He enjoys volunteer work and travel, both domestic and international, as well as walking and an occasional round of golf.