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Infinicept's Expert Advisory Services

Partner Selection
We ensure that the partners you choose for your payments operation have the features you need to have a best-in-class product for your specific industry.
Go-To Market Strategy
Get the most benefit from your payment facilitator program by crafting the ideal strategy for integrating payments into your business.
Policies and Procedures
Finding the perfect mix of risk mitigation and efficiency as a payment facilitator will allow you to maximize revenue and reduce costs.
Life Cycle Support
As your guide to payments, our experts give you the ongoing training and oversight so you can continue to focus on what makes you successful.

We wrote the book on

becoming a payment


Our industry experts wrote the Electronic Transaction Association's widely used guidelines and best practices for the payment facilitator model

Expert advisory services to take you through every step of the journey


  • Market analysis
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Creation of strategic roadmap for your payments program


  • Ecosystem design
  • Policy & procedure development
  • Support through processor approval
  • Custom or out-of-the-box software configuration
  • Testing and deployment


  • Support through first transaction
  • Ongoing expert oversight
  • Strategic planning analysis
  • Ongoing customer support

Specializing in Payment Advisory Services to Help You
Reduce Risk and Deliver an Improved Product

Fitness Review
In times of uncertainty, fraud and additional risk tends to be on the increase. How well equipped are you to deal with the current situation? Our team of experts analyzes your portfolio and procedures to provide actionable insights on how to best protect your business.
Gap Analysis
Whether you are looking into becoming a payment facilitator or a sponsor, our team of experts analyzes your current business to determine what steps you need to take to excel with your payment facilitator strategy.

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