Fleet management SaaS turns around stalled payments program

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Life is good

Picture this … you’re a leader in field service software solutions, helping everyone from pest control fleets to janitorial crews run their businesses. To bring a better payments experience to your customers, you decide to become a payment facilitator, signing on with a consultant and their preferred platform.

Big challenge

But the all-in-one platform you were sold can’t flex to meet your customers’ needs. Because everything’s templated, you can’t offer key billing features or customize the platform like you planned. Not only that, the payment provider requires you to use their processor – and you are required to convert your existing tokens to their format. So here you are, 18 months later, and only 20% of your merchants are live on the new platform.

Help arrives

So, you turn to Infinicept. Within 5 weeks of inking the contract, we have we have more customers live than with our previous platform. Because we don’t lock you into a single processor, you no longer need to go through the token conversion process. Instead, you get the platform adaptability and guidance you need to create.

Life is even better

Now, you have a run rate of over a billion dollars, with over 1,200 field service companies using your platform to take payments. Your customers are streamlining their payments while saving 15 to 40% in processing costs, all of which makes you the leading SaaS choice in the market. That’s what happens when you get payments going your way.

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