Identify gaps and reduce risk with a GARS review.

Payments providers are responsible for oversight of their merchants and other third parties. Our experts will identify any gaps in your practices and recommend ways to fix them.

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Global Acquirer Risk Standards Review

The obligation to manage and monitor merchant and third-party agent relationships has been a long-standing Visa client responsibility. Maintaining compliance with card brand requirements is compulsory to operating a payments business and applies to ISO’s, acquirers, and payment facilitators.



Leverage Infinicept’s best-in-class payments experts to analyze your current payments operations, identify areas of non-adherence with Visa requirements, and provide targeted recommendations to fill process gaps in:


  • Underwriting Practices
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Settlement Procedures
  • Management Oversight & Structure

GARS Review Methodology

Analyze and assess current state of operations, policies, processes and procedures across the following functional areas:

  • Underwriting
  • Transaction Review
  • Settlement & Reserves
  • ACH Process & Procedure
  • 3rd Party Agent Vetting & Oversight
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Change Management

Compare current state operations against Visa / Mastercard rules, requirements, and regulations noting areas of non-compliance

Identify process and policy gaps, non-adherence to card brand network requirements, and document necessary remediation actions

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Provide targeted recommendations to remediate gaps ensuring compliance to required card brand network rules and provide reporting to Visa (as required)

Support and assist in the implementation of gap corrections through on-going support inclusive of a 90-day check in to ensure implemented gap corrections maintain on-going compliance

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GARS Review Value Proposition

  • Maintain adherence to card brand network  requirements ensuring a compliant payments business
  • Identify risk management and transaction monitoring improvement opportunities reducing credit loss and chargeback risk
  • Eliminate internal process, policy, and procedure gaps
  • Develop more effective submerchant underwriting practices
  • Incorporate and implement industry best practices into your payments operations
  • Satisfy a compulsory Visa requirement with one of the most experienced GARS review teams (current team was one of three original GARS reviewers)