HealthTech leader goes from zero to processing $1M a day in payment volume

Life is good

Picture this … you’re a top-ranked provider of healthcare software solutions, covering everything from EHR to practice management to analytics. With over 13,000 doctor’s offices under your belt, you decide to expand your offerings by integrating with ISOs for payment acceptance.

Big challenge

But even with the help, you’re not able to deliver the user experience you’re looking for. Implementations can easily be delayed if the ISO isn’t ready, and when the practices run into problems, you have no way of controlling the standard of support they get from the ISO. You’ve thought about embedding payments on your own, but it just seems too complex and expensive.

Help arrives

So, you turn to Infinicept. We guide you through every step along the way to becoming a payment facilitator – from writing best practices to choosing a processor. In just three months, the new system is up and running. You start seeing revenue instantly. And you no longer have to deal with multiple vendors to add new features or get answers to your questions.

Life is even better

Now, less than a year later, you’ve had your first day of processing $1 million – and you’re well on your way to processing $1 billion annually. Embedding payments has increased your revenue and put you in a position to deliver even more innovative solutions to your healthcare customers. That’s what happens when you get payments going your way.

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