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Infinicept Launches Underwriting On Demand Providing Instant Automated Merchant Underwriting for any Payments Company


Fast, easy set-up. Designed to work right “out-of-the-box”

Infinicept, creators of the innovative, turnkey payments platform Payment Facilitator in a Box™, launches unprecedented underwriting on demand (UWoD) functionality, extending frictionless underwriting pioneered in the Payment Facilitator model to the entire merchant acquiring market.

The product functionality serves the entire merchant acquiring marketplace from merchant acquirers to financial institutions to marketplaces, payment facilitators, aggregators and ISOs. Organizations requiring instant automated merchant underwriting will enjoy the fast, easy set-up that works right out-of-the-box with minimal customization needed. This solution has been pre-configured and is backed by the payment industry’s best and most talented underwriting experts that collectively have over 75 years of experience. Leveraging this experience allows Infinicept customers to be set up for success with minimal effort.

Configurability Without Complexity

For those organizations that require more customized merchant underwriting, the UWoD functionality provides the ability to configure underwriting triggers that best serve their business model and risk appetite. Once the underwriting services are selected for each trigger, the user can set the result for each attribute based on their risk profile.

Any organization that underwrites merchants can leverage the full set of APIs and web hooks to integrate the underwriting on demand functionality directly into their own solution. The functionality is supported by an easy to use, all-inclusive dashboard as well as an intuitive manual review dashboard for those instances where human input is needed.

UWoD can be used alone or as part of the full suite of Infinicept solutions. The Infinicept platform is an artful technology solution for payment facilitators that fully supports frictionless merchant acceptance, underwriting, boarding and back office operations with a series of automated modules that can be adapted to any vertical market. Its unique, agnostic framework allows organizations that support Payment Facilitators to easily integrate their platform with any sponsor, processor, gateway and/or CRM without starting from scratch.

“Underwriting on Demand is a true differentiator in the industry,” said Todd Ablowitz, Co-Founder and chief executive officer of Infinicept and payments consultancy Double Diamond Group. “The Payment Facilitator ecosystem is a $4.4 billion opportunity by 2021, and it is completely disrupting traditional ISOs and acquirers. PFs know that rapid onboarding is crucial for growth, yet underwriting is one of the functions you must get right. Underwriting on Demand provides that rare combination of a beautiful system out-of-the-box, while allowing just about anything to be configured. It really is the best of both worlds and best of all it is backed by the industry’s premier risk and compliance experts.”

“We started this for Payment Facilitators. We designed underwriting for the PFs that had triggers, meaning, at different processing levels or events, the PF was supposed to take different actions,” said Deana Rich, Infinicept co-founder and chief executive officer of Rich Consulting. “Infinicept mirrors that process. Once complete, what we realized was, EVERYONE needs triggered underwriting!”

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