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Infinicept Reports Clients’ 2023 Annualized Gross Payment Volume Tops $15B; Introduces Launchpay

Launchpay, Powered by Infinicept

Scott Agatep Hired as Infinicept COO and GM of Launchpay

DENVER – September 5, 2023 – Infinicept, a leading provider of embedded payments, has reported that its clients’ annualized gross payment volume on the platform has crossed $15B. To build on the embedded payments pioneer’s continued success with its Payops platform, the company has announced the availability of Launchpay, a fast and flexible Payfac as a Service model for vertical software companies. With Launchpay, software companies can quickly and easily take control of the payments experience for their customers. As companies grow and needs change, Infinicept’s range of products and services provides a path to becoming a full Payfac when the time is right.

“Our mission is to enable the transformation to software led payments, said Deana Rich, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Infinicept. “Our customers told us they wanted more control over their merchant portfolio and a payments partner that would work with them as they grew. With Launchpay, we are giving our customers access to the support they need from the beginning and the ability to become a Payfac as soon as they are ready. We are thrilled to be able to serve our customers at every step along the payments journey,”

Launchpay helps businesses get up and running fast, onboarding them in minutes. As a founding member of the Embedded Payments Bill of Rights, Infinicept ensures that Launchpay customers own and control their program by managing pricing, marketing, sales, the merchant experience and more, ultimately graduating to a payment facilitator when ready.

“As the leading rental management software company, TapGoods was searching for a true payments partner that would support our unique needs and goals,” said Doug Levy, Founder and CEO, TapGoods. “Working with Infinicept and getting off the ground with Launchpay has been exactly what we needed. We can now deliver an exceptional customer experience, and importantly, maintain the ownership of that experience. We appreciate that Infinicept will help us every step of the way.”

To manage the development and operations of the new service, Infinicept has hired Scott Agatep as the company’s COO and the GM of Launchpay. With 25 years in payments and technology and a passion for both innovation and delivery, Scott will lead the Infinicept team in its drive to serve customers and scale the business.

“We’ve achieved huge success with our Payops platform and are building on that success by providing those industry-leading benefits to a much broader customer base,” said Todd Ablowitz, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Infinicept. “Scott has joined our team at the ideal time to oversee our growth. His stellar track record and exceptional experience along with his commitment to customer success aligns perfectly with our culture.”

According to a new survey, 48% of software platforms say embedded payments give them an advantage over their competition. Infinicept’s Launchpay allows customers to get set up quickly with simple transparent pricing that makes it easy to monetize their payments. Combined with Infinicept’s flagship Payops platform, Launchpay puts customers on track to achieve autonomy and growth through embedded payments, empowering them with flexibility and the freedom to own more of their operations and revenue.

“Infinicept has a clear and compelling track record of helping companies navigate their payments operations,” said Agatep. “I am thrilled to join this talent-filled organization that is setting the right example for the industry. Launchpay is the perfect solution for many software companies to take control of the payment experience. And Infinicept has the proven ability to support customers as they grow and evolve their payments business.”

To learn more about Infinicept’s Launchpay, visit the website.

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Infinicept is a provider of embedded payment solutions and services that help software companies gain the advantages of embedded payments, including increased revenue and more control of the merchant experience. More than 300 leading software companies, payment processors, sponsor banks and others rely on Infinicept to help them transform to the new era of software-led payments. Winner of the Electronic Transaction Association Fintech Innovation in Payments Award, Infinicept is also a founding member of the Embedded Payments Bill of Rights (EPBOR).

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