Loyalty Program Provider Helps Customers Double Their Signups by Integrating Marketing & Payments

Life is good

Imagine you’re helping local businesses turn transactions into relationships with your marketing operating system. Your platform helps retailers create their own rewards programs, build customer databases, and connect with every customer at the right time with your marketing automation.

Big challenge

The problem is, that awesome marketing platform is separate from your retailers’ point-of-sale systems. Having to pay for their purchase on one device and then sign up for the loyalty program on a separate one keeps some customers from taking that step. You need to take control of the whole checkout process.

Help arrives

So, you ask Infinicept for help. We guide you through choosing the payments partners who will get you where you want to be. Because you use our tools for underwriting and merchant management, you only have to hire one full-time person to manage the entire payments operation. You launch a POS system that does it all – payments and loyalty – and does it more efficiently.

Life is even better

Today, you have more than 1,000 merchants on your payment platform. On average, the merchants who use the integrated payments and marketing product sign up more than twice as many customers for their loyalty program as those that use the marketing product alone. To top it off, you’ve added another revenue stream. This is how it works when you get payments going your way.

Hear Matt Doka COO of Fivestars Tell You the Story Himself

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