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Outsourced Expertise for Underwriting, Dispute Resolution, and Risk Management.

From underwriting… to admin… to risk monitoring, get payments going your way

Infinicept Managed Services

Managed Services provide outsourced expertise for merchant underwriting, dispute resolution, and risk management. Managed Services can be a payment facilitator’s “back-office payments” team, or augment a payment facilitator’s existing resources.

Through Managed Services, we accelerate time to market for your payment facilitator business, reduce start up challenges, and support rapid growth.


Our Managed Services solutions include:

merchant underwriting platform

Merchant Underwriting 

We perform all principal background checks, OFAC or MATCH list verification, and address any discrepancies in the merchant application process. Our expertise means that we provide the optimal customer experience for your submerchants while ensuring compliance with your acquirer’s underwriting  policies.

frictionless underwriting platform

Dispute Resolution 

We work directly with your Submerchant to collect the necessary documentation to submit to the acquirer. Our familiarity with the acquiring ecosystem and integration partnerships with acquirers means we can more efficiently and successfully navigate the dispute resolution process.


Risk Management

We enable our customers to focus on scaling their business by managing the Submerchant portfolio for risky or suspicious transactions. We monitor for processing volume threshold aberrations, out-of-range high transaction values, and excessive refunds, and chargebacks.