Fraud And Compliance And Rules, Oh My!

The pain of keeping all the rules and regulations straight for a payment facilitator is only exceeded by the pain of not keeping them straight.

A PF has to protect itself from merchant problems with underwriting and monitoring, while adhering to the mandates from card brands and acquirers. It’s a lot now, but as everyone knows, there’s more coming.

As heard in this week’s edition of the podcast, the best PFs can do to mitigate excessive regulation from without is to do more within, said Rich Consulting president Deana Rich, moderator of the session Emerging Threats Cage Match: Compliance v. Fraud at the second annual Payment Facilitator Day at Transact 16 in April.

“The less we do, the more the government will,” she said during the session. She and the panelists—Eric Haru of Merchant e-Solutions, Dan Frechtling of G2 Web Services, and Mike McGirr of Adyen –shared their expertise on underwriting, extra due diligence, credit monitoring and how acquirers should not shy away from payment facilitators in higher risk niches.