Payment Facilitator Paga Joins Forces with Visa to Further “Global Expansion Plans”

Nigeria-based payment facilitator Paga has announced a partnership with Visa on mobile payments solutions in the markets where Paga operates.

Founded in 2009, Paga provides businesses and consumers with the ability to send and receive money online, through its mobile app, and from a feature phone. It also offers financial services through a nationwide agent network of local retailers.

In a blog post, Paga describes the Visa partnership as “one step further in our global expansion plans.” For Visa, it said, the goal is continuing to develop alternative payment channels.

The partnership allows Paga accountholders to tie Visa credentials to their Paga accounts, enabling them to use their Paga accounts wherever Visa is accepted.

The companies also plan to work together on merchant acceptance solutions using Visa’s network, including QR code and NFC solutions, online payments and international remittances.

At the same time, merchants that accept payments through Paga will also be able to accept non-card based payments from any consumer whose bank is part of the Visa network.

“We are excited to partner with Visa, a leader in payments globally, as they are constantly building world-class solutions for consumers and businesses. Our goals are well aligned. As we scale our wallet across emerging markets such as Nigeria, Mexico, and Ethiopia, partnering with Visa to give both consumers and businesses, who have been underserved, access to Visa’s global network made sense to us,” Tayo Oviosu, founder and group CEO of Paga, said in the blog post.

“Furthermore, it was clear to us in all our engagements the alignment of our goals towards solving the issues of cash, digitizing cash transactions and delivering financial services using new and innovative approaches. We are very happy to have signed a long-term relationship with Visa.”

Page will join the Visa Fintech Fast-Track program, which is intended to streamline access to Visa’s network for fintech companies.