Pineapple Payments and Paystri Partner on Behalf of ISVs

In an effort to grow its ISV channel and support new innovative opportunities, Pineapple Payments has acquired a portfolio from and formed a partnership with payment processing and strategic solutions company Paystri.

This most recent collaboration supports Pineapple’s vision to serve as an innovative leader for merchants in both technology and payments. And it comes on the heels of two other strategic partnerships this year (CardChamp and Payment Data Systems) that both support the same initiative. 

Terms of the Paystri acquisition have not yet been disclosed but benefits of the partnership include growth opportunity for Pineapple’s ISV channel and Paystri’s resulting access to Pineapple’s omni-channel payment tools, proprietary platform and APIs, according the press release

“The industry experience that [Paystri Founder and CEO Jonathan Arst] and the Paystri team bring to our partnership is invaluable,” said Pineapple Payments CEO Brian Shanahan in the same release. “They’ve been in business for nearly fifteen years, maintaining a level of service and rapport that’s unique and refreshing. To be able to articulate complex processes and support others in a way that’s non-intimidating and easy to understand, that’s a special skill that can only be achieved through experience.”

Shanahan launched Pineapple Payments in 2016.

“To be an asset to software developers, we must act as more than a resource in payments,” said Arst in the same release. “The powerful APIs, in-house integration specialists, and proprietary payments solutions that Paystri now has access to through Pineapple ensures we remain an ally in both payments and technology. Partnering with Pineapple isn’t just a win for us. It’s a win for our integrators who can now leverage offerings that weren’t available before. That’s what sets ISVs apart from their competition,” he said.