Square Launches QR Code Self-Serve Ordering for Its Restaurant Sellers

Square has introduced a new QR code-based feature that enables customers to place their own orders using their mobile devices.

The new feature for Square Online sellers enables restaurants to limit contact between customers and staff, a particular concern for many businesses during the pandemic, the company said in a press release.

Square is the latest restaurant POS system to adopt this increasingly popular solution. Customers can scan a QR code with their device, which will take them to a web page to place their order. Once submitted, the order then goes to the restaurant’s point of sale system and to the kitchen to be filled.

Self-serve ordering helps keep customers and staff safe by limiting interaction and the need to use shared surfaces, the company said. It can also reduce wait times and improve order accuracy, because the customer controls when and what they order.

“Self-serve ordering on Square Online has made it easy for guests to safely, and seamlessly place orders using just their mobile phone and a QR code,” Jeff Krupman, owner of Pizzahacker in Mill Valley, Calif., said in the release.

“In addition to keeping our staff and customers safe, the feature also helps improve efficiency by making it easier to perform tasks like flagging down a waiter, paying the bill, splitting a check, or even just reordering a drink.”

The feature also allows restaurants to collect information on their customers and connect with them through Square Loyalty and Square Marketing, the company said.

The self-serve ordering feature is available to sellers in the U.S., the U.K., Canada and Australia.