Stripe Introduces Payment Links, Enabling Quick and Easy Online Payment Acceptance

Stripe recently announced that it has launched what it’s calling Payment Links, a way for businesses to quickly create a payment page and share a link to it with their customers.

The capability allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments online, even if they don’t otherwise have a website or app. Small businesses, creators and entrepreneurs can accept payments directly from social media posts, newsletters, text messages or any other forum where they can share a link.

“No one likes waiting, especially an ambitious entrepreneur. With Payment Links, you can start selling anywhere within minutes – on social media, in a newsletter, via text message – without any code or payments expertise required,” Sam Gerstenzang, Stripe product lead, said in a press release.

“You don’t even need to have a website. After all, the only thing developers like more than writing code is not having to write any code!” Gerstenzang said.

Merchants using Payment Links can build a payment page from their Stripe Dashboard without needing to do any coding themselves. They can customize the page with their own branding as well as their choice of payment methods. The feature also supports recurring payments, coupons, subscriptions and free trials.

Payment Links are the latest addition to what Stripe calls its no-code and low-code options. The capability supports accepting payments from more than 185 countries, the company said. Stripe plans to add more payment methods to Payment Links and make the feature available through an API so businesses on its platform.