Welcome to the Payment Facilitator Site!

We have some new things to tell you about.

When PaymentFacilitator.com launched nearly six years ago, the payments industry was a very different place.

The idea of embedding payments into other business solutions – making it way easier for small businesses to accept digital payments – was pretty new and not well-known. A lot of people still thought payments had to be their own walled-off little world separate from all the other things businesses did.

But our founders were watching this corner of the payments landscape. They were so sure this new approach had enormous potential to shake things up, they launched a website about it.

They were right.

Over these past few years, the space has expanded and matured, driving this new idea into the mainstream. Because of that, folks from vastly different industries are being introduced to the world of payments, which – let’s be honest – can seem pretty dense and complicated.

The hottest payments providers – if there is such a thing – today are companies like vertical software providers. They approach the idea of payments differently. They need to understand what goes into getting money from one place to another securely. But they view that process through their own lens. They want to know how to make payments work for them and for their customers.

Realizing that, we started experimenting with more educational content. We wanted to see if we could help bridge the gap between the traditional payments industry and these newer folks.

Now we’re taking that idea farther.

We’ve revamped PaymentFacilitator.com and brought it under the banner of our founders’ company, Infinicept.

Our hope is to provide easier access to more resources and expertise. We’re working to better meet our readers’ needs for information about stepping into the role of a payments company and everything that involves – from revenue and valuation expectations to risk management to regulatory compliance.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the look is cleaner and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. As we move forward, watch for a tighter focus and new partnerships.

We hope to share more stories about payment facilitators themselves, and more analysis of the trends that affect them. We’ll still include news about the payments industry, but with a tighter focus on why that news matters to payment facilitators specifically.

Thank you for coming this far with us. Let us know what you like and what you don’t. And if you have questions or ideas about things you’d like us to dig into more deeply, please let us know that too.