PF Leaders Square and Stripe Criticize Trump Immigration Order

President Trump’s executive order on Friday halting immigration from seven countries sparked a vocal reaction from many among the tech business community. The CEOs of Square and Stripe were among those expressing concern about the potential impact of the order, both in economic and human terms.

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Plans to Scrap Obamacare Don’t Worry PF Softheon

As President Obama leaves office and Donald Trump prepares to take the reins, a Republican Congress has declared repealing Obamacare to be one of its top priorities. But what that will entail and what the resulting healthcare system will look like is anyone’s guess at this point.

With so much uncertainty in the health care market, you might expect Eugene Sayan, the CEO of PF Softheon, whose platforms are used by insurers and health plan exchanges to market products to and accept payments from consumers, to be worried. You would be wrong.

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Guest Post: Will Regulators Get Trumped?

The unexpected election of Donald Trump has left many wondering what the impact will be to the regulatory environment of the financial services industry. A Republican president and Congress will have the potential to alter that environment, but questions remain about how much and how soon. Marsha Jones, president of the Third Party Payment Processors Association, shares her organization’s perspective.

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