What are Omnichannel Payments?

Sellers of all kinds are feeling the pressure to keep up with rising consumer expectations, making omnichannel payments increasingly important across industries.

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Healthcare PF InstaMed Counters Consumer Confusion

Nearly two-thirds of consumers would consider switching to a different healthcare provider based on their payments experience.

That’s potentially a sobering statistic to people in the healthcare industry. But it’s one that InstaMed – as a healthcare payments network and particularly as a payment facilitator – feels well positioned to address.

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Healthcare PF InstaMed Connects Payers, Providers and Patients

Healthcare in the U.S. is a complicated mix of people and organizations both large and small. Patients navigate through small practices and large healthcare systems as well as individual and employer-provided insurance. Further adding to the complications are very specific regulations protecting patient data and the need to protect the patients’ payment information.

As a payment facilitator, InstaMed strives to connect those disparate parts through a single network. The company claims to connect more than two-thirds of the healthcare market and process tens of billions of dollars a year in healthcare payments.

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