Enabling Cross-Border and Omnichannel Commerce: News Roundup

Much of the news over the past week has focused on enabling merchants to be everywhere. Several companies, including Wirecard and iZettle, have launched products to allow selling across borders using preferred local payments methods or unifying the consumer experience across mobile, e-commerce and the physical point of sale.

We also have news from Mastercard and an acquisition for Blackbaud in this week’s roundup.

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Wirecard Offers Omnichannel in SE Asia

Businesses that have embraced the payment facilitator model often do so because they recognize the need to simplify the complex business of payments for their merchant clients.

They understand how important it has become to integrate payments into a merchant’s offerings in a flexible way that helps them serve their customers. A natural extension of that is the omnichannel approach – enabling the merchant to seamlessly connect with customers through both digital and in-person touchpoints.

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