Make sense of the payments business with Payments 101.

Success in payments requires a fundamental understanding of the business. Our payments experts will untangle the industry and give you the background you need.

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Payments 101

  • Devising a successful payments strategy and launching a profitable payments business starts with a comprehensive understanding of the payments market, potential business models, financial drivers, and operational considerations


  • Leverage Infinicept’s best-in-class payments experts to demystify payments and inform your payments strategy


  • Customized analysis informs a targeted decision-making process and provide the building blocks of a successful payments strategy

Payments 101 Methodology

Assess and analyze your current payments business objectives, launch strategy, and business / operating model

Develop customized materials in the following areas:

  • Payments business, players, partners, and ecosystem overview
  • Monetization strategies and business models
  • Key strategic and operational considerations regarding functionality, market positioning, and go-to-market
  • Lifecycle of a transaction
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Conduct the 2-day seminar or online webinar specifically tailored to your needs in-person or online

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Payments 101 Value Proposition

  • Inform your payments business strategy
  • Enhance your payments business launch and monetization strategy
  • Accelerate your payments business launch and go-to-market
  • Improve your businesses scalability and growth prospects
  • Understand the market players, potential partners, and desired payments ecosystem
  • Obtain the functionality and appropriate partners for your business needs
  • Be aware of operational needs, potential risks, and risk mitigators