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Create a better payment experience for your customers.

Monetize your payments and deliver an improved product to your customers by becoming a payment facilitator.

Allowing You to Be in Control of Your Payments

Infinicept’s PayOps platform offers underwriting & onboarding and merchant management tools that allow software providers, payment companies, and financial institutions to scale their payments operations and have total ownership of their payments strategy.

Generate Payments Revenue
Begin generating additional payments revenue you were previously handing over to 3rd parties by embedding payment acceptance into the solution you provide your customers.
Board Merchants Quickly
Own the onboarding process to instantly approve merchants with a compliant and seamless process.
Deliver an Improved Product
Present an improved product to your prospective customers by integrating payments into your overall product offering.
Customer Experience
Control Your Customer Experience
Offer your customers a customized payment product by controlling fees, funding schedules, onboarding decisions, and the entire payment process.

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Increase Valuation
Earn more of the payments pie and achieve a competitive advantage, increasing your valuation that grows exponentially in value over time.

How Did Fivestars Create A Better Loyalty Platform By Integrating Payments?

Own Your Payment Experience By Becoming A Payment Facilitator

Created with Lunacy
Integrate payments into your existing product offeringProvide merchants with a seamless onboarding processOffer funding schedules and processes tailored to their needsBuild deeper and long- lasting relationships with your merchantsGive them a simplified pricing structureAllow merchants to access detailed transactions reporting

Why Infinicept?

Helped launch 200 payment
facilitator and over 40 sponsors
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teach you how to navigate the
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Software platform with seamless integration to increase your speed to market

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