Make sure your payments business is compliant from day one.

Complying with rules and regulations is critical to managing risk. Our team of experts will help you develop policies and procedures that keep you in good standing.

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Policies & Procedures

  • Launching a compliant payments business is critical to managing submerchant risks, adhering to card brand rules, PCI compliance requirements, and governmental regulations


  • Leverage Infinicept’s propriety policy library and best-in-class payments experts to develop compliant policies and procedures tailored to your business needs and industry-specific factors


  • Customized policies & procedures come pre-integrated with Infinicept’s digital payments platform so your business can operate in compliance according to best practices day one

Policies & Procedures Methodology

Assess current and future state of clients operating model and provide guidance and industry best practices across the following areas:

  • Risk management
  • Submerchant underwriting & review
  • Transaction monitoring & verification
    • Exception parameters & reporting
    • Over limit processing and out-of-pattern activity identification
    • Chargeback monitoring & resolution
  • Compliance, anti-money laundering, & regulation
  • Settlement & reconciliation
  • Staffing levels and organizational structure

Leverage Infinicept’s proprietary policies & procedures library to develop a customized set of policies and procedures tailored to your unique payments business and industry vertical

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Provide targeted recommendations, risk management best practices, and Visa/Mastercard compliant operating procedures

Provide guidance for implementation and support sponsor approval process

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Policies & Procedures Value Proposition

  • Mitigate risk, ensure compliant procedures, and employ best practice processes in your payments business
  • Proactively identify abnormal transaction activity, fraud, and illicit payments
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your payments organization structure and staffing model
  • Maintain compliance with card brand requirements and local/federal regulation
  • Hone and enhance your underwriting processes
  • Minimize chargebacks