Retail POS hard hit by COVID-19 finds new source of revenue as a payment facilitator

Life is good

Picture this … you’re a cloud-based platform that gives independent retailers – from clothing boutiques to coffee shops – the tools they need to run their businesses. You’ve grown a lot from your tablet-driven POS days and now offer a range of services for both in-store and online operations, including payment processing through a referral partner.

Big challenge

But when COVID-19 crashes onto the scene, your retail POS business takes a major hit. Some merchants move to ecommerce, some close temporarily, and some close permanently. All this has you looking at every aspect of your business with a different perspective. The additional revenue of embedded payments was always appealing. Now, it’s essential.

Help arrives

So, you turn to Infinicept. We get you set up as a full-fledged payment facilitator so you can start capturing additional revenue. Then, our assessment team works with you to develop policies and procedures to manage merchant risk. We’re even able to find several items to add to your payments contracts, strengthening your payment facilitator positioning.

Life is even better

Now, you’ve created a new revenue stream that also enables you to better support your merchants through the pandemic. And when in-person shopping is back to normal, you’ll be in an even stronger position than before. That’s what happens when you get payments going your way.

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