Prepare For The Unexpected With A Risk Fitness Review

Fraud and scams are on the rise. Our team of experts will ensure you have the knowledge and procedures to protect your business.

Providing You With An Actionable Playbook To Mitigating Risk, Customized For Your Business

Identify At Risk Merchants In Your Portfolio
Due to COVID-19 virus and the resulting economic changes, different high risk industries have emerged. We dive into your portfolio to identify these industries and merchants and provide insights into how you can monitor and address the situation.
Review Underwriting Procedures
Help to keep new bad actors out of your system by adjusting your underwriting procedures. After conducting an in depth review, we can provide you with a customized and secure set of underwriting policies and procedures.
Identify Risk Monitoring Gaps
We conduct a review of your risk monitoring procedures and can provide you with a customized and up to date set of transaction monitoring policies and procedures, helping to mitigate risk while effectively operating your business.

As risks become elevated during times of uncertainty, ensure you are doing everything you can to protect yourself.

Infinicept's team of risk and compliance experts have worked with banks, acquirers, payment facilitators, processors and regulators in 25 countries helping them solve the most difficult of risk related problems and increase their efficiencies.

  • Reduce Risk & Monetary Losses


  • Protect Your Organization


  • Increase Efficiency

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