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Sameer Govil

Sameer Govil

Sameer Govil was named a strategic adviser for Infinicept in April 2021.

Govil is a leader in the digital payments and consumer banking industries, serving as a senior adviser at McKinsey and several fintech companies and VC firms. With more than 30 years of experience in financial services globally, he helped establish Visa’s leadership in South Asia and Middle East geographies. He served as a group country manager and was later based in the global HQ as senior vice president of global seller solutions, products and public policy.

While at Visa, Govil passionately advocated for new, progressive frameworks to advance digital payments. These models included omnichannel payment aggregation, payment facilitators and marketplaces, among others.

“Infinicept leverages these new opportunities and enables a brand agnostic platform coupled with supporting processes to help embed digital payments in broader ecology,” he said.

“I am excited to see Infinicept turn these policy frameworks and plans into real opportunities to fast- track cash displacement and provide a delightful consumer experience.”

In working with Infinicept, Govil said he plans to use his experience managing a payments business across diverse global geographies to support building the company’s strategic roadmap. Drawing on his insights into incorporating payments into our daily ecosystems, he will help to anticipate where digital payments will go next.

Govil serves on the board of Revolut U.S. and was also a board member for eight years at the Electronic Transactions Association, where he served with Infinicept’s co-CEOs.

When he’s not working, Govil enjoys playing card tricks. He said he would tell his younger self, “Don't take yourself too seriously; learn to appreciate the world around you.”