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Stripe Connect Alternative

Build deeper and long-lasting relationships with your merchants

Stripe Connect Customer?

Looking for an alternative to Stripe Connect? Or looking to enhance your underwriting and onboarding? Maybe your payments volume is increasing but your payments revenue is not increasing accordingly.

Like Stripe Connect, our PayOps platform allow you to generate additional payments revenue you were previously handing over to 3rd parties except you get more of that payments revenue.

Unlike Stripe Connect, our platform gives your customers a customized payment experience by controlling fees, funding schedules, onboarding decisions, and the entire payment process.

You can design and build an onboarding and verification process that instantly approves merchants without having to wait for Stripe to verify the account. You can even offer a flexible pricing structure and allow your merchants to access detailed transactions reporting.

You can retain more of the payments pie and achieve a substantial competitive advantage, increasing your valuation that grows with your platform’s overall revenues.

You build deeper and long-lasting relationship with your merchants. After all, this is what you built your business to do.


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