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Get underwriting going your way.

Automate your merchant onboarding process with our customizable solution that allows you to board more merchants quickly.

If you’re the only one that really understands your merchants, then why is your payments provider the one making approval decisions?

merchant underwriting

You’re passionate about your customers

Your customers are passionate about providing an unparalleled merchant experience.

frictionless underwriting platform

Your merchants are ready to begin accepting credit cards

Using Infinicept, they can easliy submit an application to be your merchant.

merchant underwriting platform

We make sure that everything checks out

Our underwriting process protects your business and if everything checks out, the merchant is automatically onboarded.

underwriting platform

Your merchant is up and running!

And they can begin using their favorite software company (you!) for their credit card payments tool.

Customizable Merchant Application for an Improved Customer Experience

merchant application


Customizable fields to tailor your application to your vertical.


White label capability application allowing your brand to shine through.


Self-service functionality giving you the freedom to improve your application over time.


Easy “Agree to Pricing” functionality reducing the steps needed to onboard merchants.

Underwriting dashboard, designed by industry experts

Automated underwriting for instant merchant onboarding

Underwriting dashboards highlight key info for applicants requiring additional review

Flexible boarding to any gateway or processor and Infinicept’s own backoffice

Customize onboarding requirements adjustable to fit your specific business

underwriting dashboard

What Is Frictionless Underwriting?

Underwriting your merchants is an important part of being a payment facilitator. Infinicept allows you to review key factors related to your merchants, including identity verification, credit review, a virtual site survey, and bank account verification, to name a few. Merchants who have flags on one or more checks will be pended for further review by an underwriter. Merchants that pass these automated checks using Infinicept will be automatically approved and boarded and can begin processing payments immediately.