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Choose the right partners with vendor selection.

Vendor partners are key to your payments business success. Our experts will help you identify and come to terms with the ones that best fit your strategy.

Vendor Selection

  • Success in the payments industry often depends on your partners. Selecting a payment processor or gateway with capabilities that match your businesses needs are critical to launching a scalable embedded payments solution


  • Leverage Infinicept’s best-in-class payments experts to accelerate the RFP process, prioritize partners based on your specific criteria, and negotiate favorable terms


  • Infinicept provides expert guidance, a proprietary vendor scoring algorithm, and support along the entire RFP process
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Vendor Selection Methodology

Use proprietary assessment tools to identify partner capability requirements of your payments business including:

  • Accepted payment types and processing capabilities
  • Supported transaction types and payment
  • PCI needs, risk management, fraud prevention, and data security
  • Funding, deposit, settlement, and authorization functionality
  • Analytics, reporting, and internal process support
  • International support

Use client responses to develop a customized RFP to initiate a streamline bidding process

Analyze RFP responses through a proprietary scoring methodology to provide quantitative insight to vendor capabilities

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Deliver targeted recommendations tailored to your objectives based on RFP scoring and Infinicept’s payments experience

Support and assist vendor selection decisions and negotiations

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Vendor Selection Value Proposition

  • Ensure you have the right partner capabilities, features, and functionality for your unique business needs:
    • Authorization platform capabilities
    • Payment gateway & processing capabilities
    • Settlement & funding functionality
    • Risk management, PCI compliance, or data security standards
    • Reporting, accounting and analytics support
  • Enhance your cost structure through superior contract terms and pricing
  • Accelerate the RFP process shortening your time to market
  • Derive savings from a competitive bid process
  • Achieve better vendor fit and smoother payments operations