Offer better payment options for medical practices

Your medical practice customers aren’t selling products, they’re helping patients. With Launchpay, you can offer a secure, compliant, and flexible payments experience through your platform that meets their unique needs - all while growing your own revenue.


Simple payments. Trusted medical providers. Happy patients.

Partnering with Infinicept enables an easy payments experience for your customers and their patients. Onboard customers instantly and get them accepting payments quickly, whether that’s in-office, online, or through invoice integration or recurring billing.


Our solutions can help your customers:

  • Keep patients’ data safe with secure payments infrastructure that complies with PCI, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Make payments easy and accessible for patients through countertop terminals, over the phone, online, and via mobile.
  • Increase their collection rates and allow their patients to pay the way they want - with credit / debit cards, directly from their bank account or by using Apple Pay.
  • Build trust with a consistent, unified experience across all payment acceptance types.

And they can help you:

  • Easily provide customer support with complete access to the tools and information your teams need.
  • Earn new revenue from the payments your customers process on your platform.
  • Build stronger relationships with your customers.