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Welcome To Infinicept

We are a thriving innovative tech company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Infinicept was started by payment industry veterans and Payment Facilitator consultants Todd Ablowitz and Deana Rich.

Here at Infinicept our company culture was built by the people that work here. That means that all the great people who are on our team have played an important part in creating our company culture. At Infinicept:

  • We work hard and take pride in solving problems
  • We value independence and we love when members of our team come up with creative solutions
  • We collaborate and work as a team to get to the right solutions
  • We respect each other and we love to share the things that make us unique, from music – to movies – to food, you can almost always find us sharing and trying something new together
  • We laugh – a lot!

Meet Our Team

Todd Ablowitz
Todd AblowitzCEO and Founder
Todd is an avid skier, some might even say he is obsessed. You might find him heli-skiing in Canada, where he likes hucking cliffs and blasting through snow deep enough for a snorkel. When he’s not skiing or building a payments enterprise he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.
Deana Rich
Deana RichFounder
Deana Rich is a Co-Founder of Infinicept, and part of the Infinicept Braintrust. With over 25 years of payments experience, Deana is highly respected for her unparalleled risk management, underwriting, operations and compliance experience. She is passionate about her role at the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC) where she is an original board member, past President and current Vice President. In her free time – Deana loves attending beer festivals and is an aspiring Cicerone.
Mary Williams
Mary WilliamsDirector of Operations
Mary Claire Williams is the Director of Operations and has lived in two Portlands. She loves the outdoors and has been relishing the Colorado sunshine since her move. In her free time, you’ll find her riding her bike, playing various sports, and spending time with her two pups.

Greg Myers
Greg MyersCMO
Greg is a passionate bass fisherman. He has fished in professional bass tournaments and rarely passes a body of water without wondering if there are any bass to be caught. When not fishing, or dreaming of fishing he’s a full-time payments marketing guru and enjoys time with his family.
Mary Woodruff
Mary WoodruffController
Mary has over 25 years accounting experience and helps manage the numbers side of the business. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, snowboarding as often as possible, hiking, and gardening.
Amanda Labby
Amanda LabbyBusiness Analyst
When native Michigander Amanda was planning her move out of Kansas City, she created a bracket and, one by one, knocked off cities until she settled on Denver. This methodical approach is what makes her the Business Analyst at Infinicept, and she can sell anyone on Denver based on her research. On Saturdays you can find Amanda biking to a brewery release or cooking a new recipe.

Nicholas Vander Ende
Nicholas Vander EndePrincipal Software Engineer
At the helm of the development team Nicholas Vander Ende is a Master of Code… and prose. In between the lines, you can find him sharing eclectic music and sprinkling foreign languages into daily life. Nicholas gets the sportsmanship award every week at Euchre as he always encourages the opposing team.
Anthony Ranier
Anthony RanierSenior Software Engineer
An entrepreneur and multi-skilled software architect with nearly 20 years of programming and advanced technology experience. Anthony focuses on investing in and developing cutting edge products and services. He served in the U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence Corps. with focus on signal intelligence, imagery intelligence, human intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition using state of the art techniques and technologies.

William Ross
William RossSoftware Engineer
William Ross hails from New Mexico and is a Senior Developer here at Infinicept. He loves trying new food and drinks and is a recent fan of Thai food but not yet totally sold on La Croix. William has 2 dogs and lives in Parker with his girlfriend.
Scott Pantall
Scott PantallEngineer
Scott Pantall is a recovering public-safety employee, and current tech enthusiast. In his spare time, Scott runs the Colorado Tech Weekly blog and is active in the start up community. Scott is a Colorado Native and lives in South Denver with his wife and teenage daughter.