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Taking it to the Next Level with SVB and Piper Sandler Merchant Banking


We’ve come a long way in a short time. In just a few years, the world has changed more than anyone could have imagined. Every business and industry has experienced new challenges in the face of uncertainty, and at the same time many have come into exciting opportunities. Perhaps no one saw the pandemic coming, but at Infinicept, we did see the dawning of the new era of software-led payments. And in just two years, that new era has ushered in big demand. As a point of reference, since 2020, our company has achieved a 1,400% increase in annual payments volume.

The software sector is a great example of an industry that found new ways to quickly add value over the course of the pandemic, by coming to realize the massive upside to integrating embedded payments. At Infinicept, we’ve helped more than 300 software companies, payment processors, sponsor banks, and others to plot their own futures by giving them the freedom and tools to own as much of the payment experience as they want. Our embedded payments solutions help businesses to innovate and scale on their terms, for their customers.

As we approach the next level of digital experience advancement, we are proud to meet the future with our new investment partners SVB Financial Group (SVB), and Piper Sandler Merchant Banking (PSMB). We recently announced that they led, along with participation from existing investor MissionOG, Infinicept’s $23M growth equity round which we will use to continue to help customers accelerate their embedded payments journey. SVB and PSMB are financial partners of the innovation ecosystem and are aligned with our goals. We plan to invest further in our product development as well as customer success and support, so that we can continue to innovate while staying ahead of the skyrocketing demand for embedded payment services.

Our vision is to enable digital financial availability around the world which includes orchestrating embedded payments and embedded finance operations. Projected to reach $585 billion by 2030, the embedded finance market represents huge strategic potential for us to provide even greater value to our customers. Infinicept plans to add our own unique embedded finance offerings as we grow, by connecting best-in-class finance products with our ecosystem of software and payment companies.

As Silicon Valley Bank’s Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, Head of Global Payments said in our recent announcement, “Embedded payments and embedded finance represent an enormous market opportunity, from vertical software-as-a-service companies to B2B payments and fintech companies. We look forward to being a part of Infinicept’s next phase of growth and are excited to add them to the growing list of partners we work with to serve our clients’ embedded payments needs.”

And last but not least, we look upon our next chapter as a launch pad for global market expansion. Building on the continued investment we are making in our products, we see a natural extension into vertical markets and new global regions. Infinicept believes in an open, inclusive landscape free from stifling vendor lock-in where we can foster a new era of payments innovation. The new investment allows Infinicept to add to our proven track record, extending our lead so we can help more customers accelerate the adoption of embedded payments.

Piper Sandler Merchant Banking’s Managing Director Bob Rinek supported this outlook, commenting that: “Infinicept’s SaaS platform creates a natural point of leverage for vertical software providers and payments companies, enabling them to better serve their customers, build valuable revenue streams and control their payments strategy. These capabilities create a meaningful competitive advantage in today’s dynamic market.”

As we pursue our mission to enable the transformation to software-led payments, we know that an open platform with maximum choice and flexibility of payment providers is essential. Today’s complex patchwork of payments players can be overwhelming and we are committed to cutting through the noise to help companies understand the relationships they need to control their own future. We prioritize our customers’ needs to deliver unrivaled experiences and appreciate the vast and growing opportunity before us. With the support and partnership of our existing investors MissionOG and Mastercard which has been recently fortified by SVB and Piper Sandler Merchant Banking, we have what it takes to make smart and strategic investments in the success of our products, markets and customers. We can’t wait to see what the future holds with all kinds of new innovation powered by embedded payments and finance.

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