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Lisa Bowman

Lisa Bowman

Lisa Bowman was named strategic adviser for Infinicept in April 2021.

Bowman came to the company with a sense of alignment with the leadership team. As the founder of consultancy Marketing Mojo and winner of numerous marketing industry awards, Bowman has a passion for intersecting “purpose and profit.”

“I know both of the founders feel strongly about this and I want to help bring that to fruition for Infinicept. My goal is to really help find that sense of purpose that parallels the business so it’s natural,” she said.

“Getting to know them and seeing what they had created from a product, service and people perspective really made me respect what they had built. As Todd Ablowitz and I talked, we’d start spinning on ideas. I am thrilled to be joining these other advisors and supporting Infinicept with their growth goals,” she said.

Having become an advocate for gender equality in the workplace during her career, Bowman said that the lessons along that journey were ones she would pass along to her younger self.

“One of my first jobs was at a fairly male-dominated company. I switched from wearing skirts and heels, which are what I gravitate to most naturally, to wearing pantsuits to try and blend in. When the table was full, I’d take a seat in a chair along the wall. I’ll never do that again. Today, I walk in wearing 4-inch heels and say, ‘excuse me, please make some room for me here, too.’”

Before starting her own company, Bowman was the chief marketing officer of United Way Worldwide, where she led the organization’s most recent brand transformation and oversaw marketing, communications, insights and strategic partnerships for the world’s largest non-profit.

Prior to United Way, she spent 15 years in senior marketing roles at UPS leading marketing, new product development, and social impact programs. Bowman holds a seat on the National Board of the American Marketing Association. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, working out and hanging out with her rescue Alaskan Klee Kai, Mojo.